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Request a LEAD to Succeed Training

Where can I request a training?

You can request a training by filling out a LEAD to Succeed Training Request Form. All LEAD to Succeed Training Request Forms must be filled out by a SNA state association or state agency. 

Can a school district request a LEAD training?

Not at this time. The intention of the grant is for these trainings to be offered in partnership with State Education Agencies and SNA State Associations. 

 In the future, it may be possible for school districts to hold LEAD trainings but the first priority is to deliver on the grant requirements. 

Is the request process the same for SNA state associations and state agencies? 

Yes, the process for both is the same. Both an SNA state association and a state agency must fill out the training request form. 

Can I have LEAD training sessions at my conference or meeting if I am charging for registration?

Yes, you are able to request LEAD training at a conference, meeting, or other event where there is a registration fee. However, you cannot charge for the LEAD session itself and it must be marketed and available to those who aren’t registered for the event, conference, etc.

As this is USDA grant funded, any LEAD session must be free of charge and available to anyone who would like to attend.

What are the options for LEAD trainings?

We have nine different training options. Seven of our training offerings are from the Communication for Impact Series. The other two sessions are from the Leadership Growth Series. We will release more leadership training sessions as they are available.

Training options are available in 1-hour, 2-hour, 3-hour, and 4-hour increments.

For a more in-depth view of our training offerings, including descriptions and professional standards codes, please view our LEAD Training Offerings Menu.


Can I only request in-person training? 

You can request both in person and virtual training through the LEAD to Succeed Training Request form. 

Is there a limit to the amount of LEAD content I can request for a single request?   

Yes, from feedback from our trainers a request can only be for up to 4 hours of training a day.

If a conference or meeting is multiple days an additional up to 4 hours can be requested on each subsequent day.

 Who is the intended audience for this training? 

We have crafted LEAD to Succeed trainings for all school nutrition professionals. We have geared them specifically towards managers and directors, but staff will benefit from this training as well. 

Is it recommended to have one training on all the content? 

We have created a training menu to allow flexibility for SNA state associations and attendees. The training menu provides convenience and a variety of options for SNA state associations. 

Is there a recommended amount for cap of attendees for any sessions? 

We recommend that a training with one trainer cap its attendance at 50-100 people. More than 100 attendees for a single training are difficult for a trainer on their own. SNA state associations and state agencies are free to make requests with fewer or more attendees than our recommendation. 

How will I and/or my group receive CEU credit for the LEAD to Succeed Training? 

The CEU credit you and your group will receive for attending is predicated on the length of the training.

  • 1 hour = 1 CEU
  • 2 hours = 2 CEUs
  • 3 hours = 3 CEUs
  • 4 hours = 4 CEUs

Additionally, certificates will be provided after completion of the LEAD training on site or by email by the trainer.

Can I submit multiple LEAD training requests?  How will I and/or my group receive CEU credit for the LEAD to Succeed Training? 

Yes, you can submit as many as you’d like between now and March 31 , 2024, for various meetings, trainings, or conferences. 

Can more than one LEAD trainer come to my conference or meeting to train? 

No, we only send one trainer per request. Before submitting a request be sure to consider which training sessions you will choose and the programming schedule with one trainer in mind. There may be an instance where two trainers are acceptable but that will be on a rare case-by-case basis.

What is the process after I submit my LEAD training request?   

Once you submit your LEAD training request, the LEAD coordinator will   

  1. Reach out to the SNA state association or state agency to confirm it is sponsored/in partnership with association or agency.   
  2. Send our state LEAD training agreement to the person who submitted the request.  
  3. Once the agreement is signed and returned, the LEAD coordinator will match the request with a trainer.   

How are trainers matched to a training request? 

Trainers are matched geographically. We have 20 expert LEAD trainers spread throughout the country. The trainer closest to the request will be asked first and if they are unavailable the next closest trainer will be asked and so on. Our training network reaches all 50 states and territories of the United States.  

Are there any guidelines I must follow to request a training?   

Yes, we have guidelines stating all training must be free-of-charge for all attendees, they must be accessible to anyone wanting to attend, and the host of the training must collect contact information from all in attendance for reporting purposes.  

 These guidelines are outlined in more detail in the training request form and must be agreed upon to host a training.  

Must people who attend the training be members of SNA?  

No. The training is open to all school nutrition professionals regardless of membership in SNA. 

How long will I be able to request a training?   

The USDA grant that provides our trainers stipends will end on March 31, 2024. Trainers have agreed to train through that time. Trainers have the option of continuing after the grant date, but expenses will need to be paid by the state affiliate or others.

If you have any further questions, please contact Alex Martinez at amartinez@schoolnutrition.org.


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