Communication Series

Effective dialogue is crucial for effective leadership. Our Communication for Impact series is designed to help you tailor the right message for the right audience at the right time. Whether you are confronting an issue with a team member, critiquing a colleague’s work, or simply saying ‘no’, these trainings will help you handle critical conversations with greater ease.  

The four modules in the LEAD to Succeed™ Communication for Impact series consists of four, three-hour training modules designed specifically for school nutrition professionals. You will learn how to identify, develop, and strengthen your communication skills in the workplace with a variety of virtual learning tools, including self-paced modules and webinars, as well as in-person training opportunities. Modules I-III target managers and directors, while Module IV is designed for staff. 

Module 1: LEARN to Master Difficult Conversations (3 CEUs)

Learning Objectives: 

  • Explain the critical nature of effective communication skills and how they affect professional relationships 
  • Develop the skills necessary to handle difficult conversations with multiple stakeholders 
  • Identify approaches that can be used to inform, educate, and drive productive conversations 

Module 2: EDUCATE and Engage Customers with Strategic Communication (3 CEUs)

Learning Objectives: 

  • Describe methods for improving communication skills and fostering improved stakeholder relationships 
  • Identify the strategic communication skills necessary to influence and persuade key stakeholders about the benefits of school nutrition programs and other key priorities 
  • Develop strategies to effectively convey benefits of school meals and the professionalism of school nutrition staff with students, teachers, parents, and administrators 
  • Discuss techniques that will improve customer service skills and increase student engagement in school meal programs 

Module 3: ADVANCE Your Professionalism (3 CEUs)

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the importance of embodying personal professionalism when engaging school nutrition stakeholders
  • Identify methods for developing and delivering messages that reach target audiences
  • Recognize the challenging context SNPs face for developing messages in a digital environment and understanding the impact of this complex environment on meetings and interactions
  • Explore how to develop a powerful story and how your story fits into the building of a narrative

Module 4: DEVELOP Communication Skills Coming soon!


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