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A Tough Nut to Crack: School Nutrition Operator & Industry: Food +
Equipment Conversations

The School Nutrition Foundation hosted a Breakfast in the Classroom bonus session at the School Nutrition Industry Conference in January 2017. This report captures the conversations as school nutrition program operators and industry members discuss challenges and solutions in transitioning breakfast service to an after the bell model.

A Closer Look at School Breakfast Service Times

The School Nutrition Foundation spotlights findings from the 2016 School Nutrition Operations Report on how timing the morning meal can have impact on participation. Spoiler Alert: The data suggests that participation will increase if you serve breakfast after the start of the school day.

Arizona Toolkit

The Arizona Department of Education has partnered with the Valley of the Sun United Way and the Dairy Council of Arizona to develop resources and a toolkit that will help Arizona schools transition to breakfast in the classroom.

The NEA Foundation School Breakfast Toolkit

This toolkit provides everything you need to know about the need for Breakfast in the Classroom, along with tips and tricks for participating districts, schools and educators.

The NEA Foundation Teacher BIC Handbook

Are you interested in starting a Breakfast in the Classroom program? Check out this handbook developed The NEA Foundation. It is full of helpful hints and tools to get your program started.

The NEA Foundation Breakfast in the Classroom Reading List

100 books to read over breakfast list can be used to supplement instruction, motivate students to learn about a topic, or simply to provide and model a positive experience with books (i.e., reading for pleasure). Expanding learning experiences with the books on this list can reinforce your state’s curricu­lum standards as well as voluntary national academic standards such as the National Health Education Standards and Common Core State Standards.

Best Practices and Success Stories Toolkit

Our Success Stories and Best Practices toolkit provides participating districts with success story tools, menu survey tools, satisfaction survey tools, and focus group tools.


From Ire to Inspired

SN magazine article by Christina Uticone School stakeholders explain how they transformed from school breakfast disbelievers to devotees.

Creating a Better Breakfast Together

SN magazine article by Sarah Murphy Partners for Breakfast in the Classroom (PBIC) continues its hard work to improve child health and education by expanding access to morning meals.

Breakfast: The Most Important Legislation of the Day

SN magazine article by Nichole Westin Offering the morning meal might not be a federal mandate, but some state lawmakers are stepping up to support breakfast in schools.


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